What is Lower Back Pain and Why Do I have it?

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Most of all the people I knew, would say that the lower back pain we are experiencing would definitely be the sign of old age. Others would say that it is not just simply an old-aged problem but even for the younger ones. Other reasons would try to resort in the medical fields that because our spine is the only one who holds everything in our back and once it is being disturb, we will definitely be having and experiencing lower back pain. Lower back pain is a specific pain we felt on a specific part of our back. When we say lower back pain we are referring to that part of our body near the pelvic column and on the surrounding area of that part.

Lower back pain can be experienced not just because we are tired or busy doing a lot of things but by even just standing or simply just sitting for a long time especially if it’s not done in a proper position and demonstration. Normally, lower back pain would result once our spine get tired of supporting the entire body anymore for a long time. No matter what position it could be still there is a possibility that this type of lower back pain would still occur.

When lower back pain continues to be observed and felt, one needs to have a visit on his or her doctor for further check-ups for it might lead to something else much more worse and not just an ordinary lower back pain that is being experienced. Most of the athlete is experiencing lower back pain because of the type of physical exercises they try to apply to their body without getting preparations for it first. For normal people like us, it would just simply starts with the feeling of being numb and stiffness of the muscles attaching to our spinal cord.

What cause sciatica back pain

For some other reasons, lower back pain is and can also be experienced while sitting because of the reason that when our buttocks are being fixed to the chair, some of our buttocks muscles are being push forward meeting also the upper muscle part that goes down with our weight. The portion where the weight of our upper muscle is going down and the muscle also being push up by our buttocks when seated is basically being considered as, the lower back pain.

Personally, as I have experienced it at the moment while doing this article, I observed that the feeling of my lower back pain starts with my spinal cord being pressed by the muscles surrounding it. If I lean forward there is that bone from my spinal cord that seems to be stiff and hard followed by numbness I felt from my muscles. Once I get rid of that kind of position and change to a new one to move my body, that’s the time I felt the pain because I change my position and definitely that is the kind of experience of which we keep on calling as lower back pain. Lower back pain then is only felt once you are locked to a position for quiet a long time and then change to another position, within that change of movement and posture lower back pain is being felt.